Saqqara & Memphis

The funerary complex of King Zoser includes the Step Pyramid, built in the 27th Century BC, which

makes it not only the oldest pyramid but also the oldest stone structure known to have been built by humans.

The pyramid effect here was achieved by building successively smaller flat layers, or mastabas, on top of

each other.  There were many more attempts at improvement before the construction of a true pyramid

shape was perfected.



The Saqqara Necropolis is believed to contain many more tombs covered by windblown sand.


Wherever original stone cuts have survived erosion and looting, the degree of precision is remarkable -

you can't even slide a knife blade between these blocks.



Remains of a temple in Zoser's funerary complex.


More than 5,100 years ago, Menes established the city of Memphis as the capital of Egypt. 

Very little is left of the city today and the principal reason to stop by there is to see the Colossus of Ramses II,

which was discovered in 1820.





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