Karnak Temple


Karnak Temple is a gigantic complex constructed over a span of about

1300 years, beginning in the XII Dynasty (~1991-1786 BC)






The entry to the temple is lined by a type of sphinx sometimes referred to as a crisophinx,

which features the body of a lion and the head of a ram.  The version with a human head, such

as the Great Sphinx at Giza, is known as an androsphinx.  A hierocosphinx has the head of a hawk.




The only woman to ever rule Egypt as pharaoh was Hatshepsut.  To mark

her sixteenth year as pharaoh, she had two obelisks constructed of rose

granite, each of which weighs 320 tons and stands 27 m (90 ft) high.  Only

this one remains - the other is broken and pieces of it are scattered

throughout the temple




The Great Hypostle Hall has 134 stone columns, each of which is about 23 m (75 feet) tall













Tuthmosid obelisks










Top section of Hatshepsut's fallen obelisk

















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