Giza 1

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All things dread Time, but Time dreads the Pyramids

                                              - Anonymous Proverb

Probably the most recognized sight in the world - from the foreground back,

the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerinus.





The Giza Pyramids are not far outside Western Cairo.








The pyramids must have been quite a sight a few thousand years ago when they still had their smooth

limestone casings intact.  The Cheops Pyramid, or Kufu Pyramid as it as also known, retains some of the original

casement near its peak.  Most of these outer layers were removed by subsequent pharaohs for the construction

of other monuments and temples.  Cheops is believed to have ruled Egypt from approximately 2589-2566 BC,

making this pyramid at least 4,500 years old.  This pyramid is the largest of all, covers 13 acres, and measures about

480 feet tall and 755 feet on each side.  The mean difference in length between the four sides is only 58 mm

and their corners are within 1 minute in angle from perfect square. It weighs an estimated 6,000,000 tons and

contains around 2,300,000 stone blocks.



The angular perfection of the Chephren Pyramid is astonishing as well.



Cheops Pyramid as viewed between two smaller satellite pyramids, possibly belonging to

 Queen Henutsen and Queen Merites, Cheops' sister and principal wife.


Some days are a bit breezy on the Giza Plateau.


The pyramid of Mycerinus.


Ruins of a small temple attached to one of the queens' pyramids.



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