Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Page 4 - July 2008


The longer you poke around these islands, the more you discover...



Twin Lagoons - as the name implies, there are two lagoons, which are separated only

by a rock archway.  At high tide (pictured here) you must swim a few feet underneath

 the water to pass through the arch and surface in the other lagoon.  At low tide, you can paddle

a kayak through.










At the end of a long, hard day a visit to Maquinit Hot Springs is in order. 

These pools hold spring water heated by geothermal activity to about 100F (38 C).







Other adventures to be found around Coron include a ride in a crowded jeepney...



...and a city tour via tricycle.  It's all part of the charm of the island life!





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