Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Page 3 - July 2008


Coron is paradise for divers and non-divers alike.  Nothing beats whiling the hours away by island hopping, snorkeling, and just lazing around the beaches.



This is the ocean approach to Barracuda Lake, an inland lake filled with part

freshwater and part seawater.  The freshwater is fed from underground volcanic springs

 and the lake has some of the most insane thermoclines and haloclines you'll ever see (yes, "see").

The surface temperature of the lake is around 86F (30C), but at a depth of 60 feet (18 meters)

 or so, the temperature was a whopping 97F (36.1 C).  Obviously, no wetsuit required!




But you have to earn it - put on your gear and hike up and over a rock ridge to reach the lake






The pay off!  The lake has some downright alien looking limestone formations under the surface,

weird layers of water where visibility ranges from zero to unlimited, and a very strange

gelatinous silt bottom into which you can easily thrust your arm all the way up to your shoulder.  We

reached 108 feet (33 meters) and at that point, the deeper water was crystal clear but we still

could not see the bottom.  We'll take a torch next time.




Once you've finished breathing compressed air, Banol Beach is an awesome

place to lay around and do some off-gassing



















Kayangan Lake is another warm inland lake definitely worth a visit and a dip




Several caves are located around the lake


And the views from the trail leading into the lake are just spectacular


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