Jordan 1


These photos were taken over multiple trips between 2003 - 2005



Catching up on the news at the Dead Sea.  Israel is visible on the opposite shore




The only way to get around in the desert!




At the Dead Sea Mövenpick Resort




Amman is built on seven hills - just like Rome




Le Royale Hotel - Iraqi owned and built to resemble the minaret in Samarra, Iraq




The colonnade in front of the Amman amphitheater




The Port of Aqaba, captured from the Turks by Lawrence of Arabia during the Arab Revolt of 1916




Downtown Aqaba




Scene along the Coastal Highway, near the Dead Sea




St. George's Church, the Greek Orthodox church in Madaba





Sixth Century Byzantine mosaic on the floor of St. George's Church - there are many examples of mosaics

in the area.  This one contains 2.3 million individual tiles.




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