Babylon 1


Overview of the North Palace.




Another view of the old and the new.




A few bricks are in the original walls that bear ancient cuneiform writing, which says

that the city was built by Nebuchanezzar around 600 BC.




Saddam included bricks in the new construction, saying that he was

responsible for rebuilding the city in the 1990s.




This is the true original Ishtar Gate, which for centuries was buried beneath

accumulated sand and flooding deposits.  The city was partially destroyed in 1904

by Nazi treasure hunters, who disassembled what was then believed to be the

original Ishtar Gate, shipped it to Berlin, and reassembled it in a museum, where

it is still located.  After the Nazi expedition, it was discovered that the gate they

took was actually a second gate, built after the original had been covered up.




The Ishtar Gate is protected by two gods.  This one is Marduk.




And this one is known as Vale.




The famous Lion of Babylon's head was blown off by Nazis, who suspected

that the statue had a core of gold.





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