Babylon 1


Entrance to the ancient city of Babylon.  This gate is a smaller modern reproduction

of the Ishtar Gate.




Original layout of Babylon




Entrance to the ancient palace compound





Outer walls of ancient palace compound.  The bricks in the lower quarter of

the wall are original construction.  The bricks above that are modern

construction, done by Saddam.  Much of the original city has been covered

by sand over the centuries.  The archway visible here was once the top of

a 12 foot high doorway.





The ancient palace grounds is a virtual maze of walls and

passages and it is believed that in one of these courtyards

is where Daniel was thrown to the lions.








Bats living in one of the chambers where meat was once hung and cured.




The remains of Nebuchanezzar's North Palace.




View of Saddam's palace from the ruins of Nebuchanezzar's palace.




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