Rockhampton, Australia


Some people think that climbing into a 50 year-old Russian made aluminum tube and tearing through

 the sky at speeds exceeding Mach 1 is a bad idea.  Those are the people who grow old before their time...


Yep, that's a 1956 vintage former Polish Air Force MiG 15 trainer



The best way to wipe a smile off your face is to endure a 6.5 G turn!



Learning how to bail out


Last minute instructions


Yeah, mate - go ahead and laugh now...


The point of no return




It'll be fine, Honey, honest!




Oh look - there's the ground above us!  How fun!




Oh, so that's what six Gs feels like.  OK, make it stop now, please!




I'm thinking we should have cinched those harness straps just a little tighter!


Twenty-five minutes later and I survived it!


The cockpit is pretty cramped


It's an elite club!



Rockhampton Botanical Gardens



I wet myself looking for the slut loo...



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