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The latest addition to the fleet - a large scale MiG-15

Wingspan: 1550 mm (61")

Powerplant: 90mm EDF, 70 amp ESC, 6S 6000mAh LiPo battery

The queen of the fleet - B-25 Mitchell

Wingspan: 81"

Flying weight: 18.8 lbs

2 x E-Flite Power 46 motors

2 x E-Flite 60 amp ESC

2 x Master Airscrew 12x6x3 props

2 x Rhino 5S 18.5V 4900 mAh LiPo batteries

B-25 Flight Video 12 Dec 2010 (21MB)


Ready for takeoff


Flying weight = 19 lbs.


Landing approach


Coming in for a smooth landing


The perfect landing attitude - main gear touches down a fraction of a second before the nose gear


Another great flying machine - the MiG-15

I took a ride in the real thing in Australia, look here


Another smooth landing





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