Tubbataha Reef

June 2008 - Page One




My wingman




White tip shark patrolling beneath the dive boat




Big schools of jackfish are common...




...and sometimes their too preoccupied with feeding to mind if a diver joins the school




Some ominous weather that we managed to avoid




Up close and personal with a pretty good sized lionfish




Octopus are hard to spot, but they're out there




The not-so-friendly triggerfish is very common







Also hard to spot is the Ornate Ghost Pipefish








Moray eels are pretty common along the reefs




A porcelin crab perched on a sea cucumber - the crab is about a half inch in diameter




In the Philippines, grouper are known as Lapu-Lapu




The barracuda like to hang out in the blue - hard to get close enough for a really good shot




Tubbataha Ranger Station








The very satisfied guests of the Borneo Explorer




Sunset on the Sulu Sea




Next stop - Quiminatin Island...go to page two




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