Dumaguete & Apo Island


I met my long lost twin at the Dumaguete airport - we were apparently separated at birth


She was a beautiful girl, but her date was a little past his prime


God, how I miss being at the office - yeah, sure thing


Barracuda are plentiful and unusually approachable around Apo Island


Nemo has been located...


...as well as his creepy cousins, the frogfish


Another frogfish


Beneath the Ducom Pier in Dumaguete, aka Frogfish City


Porcupine fish at Apo Island


Mobbed by the T-shirt sales force on Apo Island - a highly competitive business and reminiscent of the floor of the NYSE


Go ahead and laugh - it's still beats carrying all your gear!


Mandarin fish are easy to spot around sunset just off the beach in Dauin - probably saw 50 of them on one dive



and a few final fish pics...




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