Asian Menus

Without question some of the world's finest food can be found throughout Asia - Thai food in particular is my personal addiction.  However, even the swankest of restaurants in this part of the world are likely to have a little something on their menu that doesn't quite hold the same appeal for the Western palette...



I prefer my squidlets mushy (Philippines)




I wouldn't have thought there were 2 - 3 persons who would eat a fish head





No thanks; I only eat smoked salmon heads (Philippines)




Lamb tacos?  Why not... (Sri Lanka)



Yummy! (Philippines)



It's hopping good (Vietnam)



Not gross - just odd (Sri Lanka)



The Orkin Man moonlights at this place (Vietnam)



It's the fish sauce that really makes it!  (Vietnam)



You can't help but wonder about it! (Philippines)



Vietnam is after all, a former French colony



There was no printed menu, but the Grasshopper, Cricket, Larvae, Beetle,

Worm Cafe has no peer in Bangkok! (Thailand)



Even with an innocuous menu selection such as a hamburger, surprises happen. (Vietnam)


Actually, this one is from Germany, but I couldn't resist



We tried it and it tasted pretty much like how you'd expect a duck's tongue to taste - not good

(Hong Kong)


Taco Bell would be horrified (Tokyo)



And the pièce de résistance (Vietnam)...




More to come, I'm sure!


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